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When do I need to consider filing bankruptcy?

When you can't pay bills as they come do, are being garnished, sued or your property is being repossessed or foreclosed upon you need to consider filing bankruptcy.


Stop lawsuites, garnishments and foreclosures!

If you live in Oklahoma County, Edmond, Norman, Yukon, Moore, Shawnee or surrounding areas Bankruptcy Legal Counseling Center of Oklahoma can help you. If your your income is under the median in the county where you reside you may be able to file the most common type of bankruptcy, a chapter 7.  It discharges all of your debts except for student loans, new taxes, criminal fines and domestic court ordered obligations like child support. The instant the bankruptcy case is filed all court actions are stopped and garnishments cease.

If your house is being foreclosed upon because you got behind on payments or your vehicle is about to be repossessed because you have missed a couple of payments you can file a chapter 13 case and get up to 5 years to catch up the mortgage payments or pay-off the car note while not having to pay more of other types of bills, like credit cards and medical bills, than you can afford.

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There are many possible pitfalls in filing bankruptcy.  However, an experienced attorney like you will find here can help guide you through the process with minimum problems and no surprises.

We are in business to help people get back on their feet and we can do it!

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